KPN was founded in 2007 as a business advisory firm that provided judicial (Chapter 11 bankruptcy) and non-judicial corporate restructuring, management consulting and negotiation/transactional strategies. KPN was initially branded and conducted business as KPN Management Partners and operated with defined industries of focus.

KPN’s business evolution focused on working in challenged industries. When the US economy suffered downturns, multiple industries experienced challenges. Working in multiple industries enabled KPN ’s professionals to gain valuable insights and perspectives from various industries.

Over time, KPN’s professionals became adept at clearly defining and understanding business best practices from different industries and cross pollinating certain of these practices with companies in different industries. It was during this period that KPN Health also developed keen abilities to collaborate and manage to high outcomes the critical components of success for companies facing economic and financial challenges.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was enacted in March 2010 and with it came many changes to the healthcare sector. KPN, having worked in troubled industries for many years, recognized the changes to come and started developing strategies to work in the healthcare industry doing what KPN relishes and believes it does best — helping to bring order from chaos in troubled industries.

KPN’s analysis involved input from numerous healthcare professionals and other professionals from outside healthcare. KPN concluded that the future of healthcare would ultimately reside in greater collaboration between a patient and healthcare providers. KPN set about both learning and determining the information, services and Solution Sets that would be required by healthcare professionals to achieve this ultimate outcome.  KPN concluded and acted upon the belief that accurate data obtained from a variety of disparate sources, then curated and delivered to healthcare networks and providers with high levels of accuracy and efficiencies, would be required.

KPN Health was formed in 2014 and has evolved from a clinically focused firm to a company that is about the “Business of Healthcare” whose specialty to date has concentrated on Accountable Care Organizations, Hospital Systems and Clinically Integrated Networks are asking for KPN Health’s Solution Sets and services.

Meet KPN Health

Don Navarro
Don NavarroExecutive Chairman
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Kim Pichanick
Kim PichanickChief Executive Officer
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David Hultsman
David HultsmanSVP, Chief Information & Technology Officer
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Gene Hicks
Gene HicksSVP, Chief Commercial Officer
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Al Unger
Al UngerVP, General Counsel
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Tristan May
Tristan MayVP, Sales Engineer – IT
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Judy Leever
Judy LeeverRN, MS, CPHQ, Director, Healthcare Informatics
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Crystal Pike
Crystal PikeRN, MSN, VP, Quality Reporting
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Arthur Yazdandoost
Arthur YazdandoostDirector, Technology Administration and Programming
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Dr. Ed Bujold
Dr. Ed BujoldMD, FAAFP, Primary Care & Rural
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