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Expert Webcast hosts: Restructuring Option in Provider Healthcare, Featuring Don Navarro, Executive Chairman, KPN Advisors

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7/23/20 Bankruptcy Primer for General Counsel, C-Suite and Non-Bankruptcy Practitioners

8/13/20 U.S. Hospital Industry Outlook Post COVID-19

9/17/20 Driving Healthcare Turnaround with Data and Technology

10/1/20 Turnaround Options in the Automotive Industry


The Prioritized Paycheck Protection Program, or “P4” Loan

Companion bills were introduced in the U.S. House and Senate: H.R.7241 sponsors are Representatives Angie Craig (MN) and Antonio Delgado (NY). The bill was referred to the House Committee on Small Business on 6/18/2020.

Author: Michael Platt, President, KPN Management Partners

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American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP)

COVID-19 is challenging our healthcare system. America is in financial Crisis! Millions of Americans are out of work. Physician practice revenues are...

Authors: Don Navarro Executive Chairman | Kim Pichanick CEO │ Dr. Ed Bujold MD FAAFP Chief Physician Strategist KPN Health Sr. Advisor KPN Management Partners

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Healthcare Think Tank hosts KPN Health│COVID-19 Mini-Conference

Healthcare has never experienced a disruption – global pandemic like COVID-19, and a national economic shutdown. Our country and economy are in...

Author: Kim Pichanick Chief Executive Officer

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Business Viewpoint to the COVID-19 Legislation

Small businesses have been devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. We suggest you add as a topic the COVID-19 legislation to the topics for your upcoming...

Author: Don Navarro Executive Chairman

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COVID-19 Four-Pillars Approach

Sudden events such as COVID-19 can stun an organization and its ability to react adequately. KPN Health offers expert data extraction and aggregation capabilities coupled with experienced crisis management advisors to assist in uncertain times...

Author: Brandy Killion RN BSN MS Sr. Advisor KPN Management Partners

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Friday afternoon, March 13, 2020 Pres. Trump declared a National Emergency to combat Coronavirus (COVID-19), and authorized waiving of laws and regulations. KPN Health (KPN) took immediate action and formulated...

Author: Kim Pichanick Chief Executive Officer

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