Dr. Dennis Robbins Ph.D., M.P.H., Senior Advisor 

Dennis Robbins (M.P.H. Harvard, Ph.D., Boston College) is a prominent national thought leader with extensive experience across multiple sectors of the health care continuum. His distinguished career of more than three decades traverses business, government and the health care system with strengths in integrating clinical, business and financial intelligence. His eclectic blend of hands-on-experience, academic, field and postdoctoral training is distinctive. He serves or has served as an advisor for major national organizations, associations, law, hospital systems, medical equipment/technology manufacturers, health care trade associations, health and quality improvement organizations, military medicine, insurers, technology, mobile and digital health, research and government.  Dr. Robbins was a National Fund for Medical Education Fellow in the Interfaculty Program for Medical Ethics, a Visiting Scholar and Research Fellow at Harvard. He served as an advisor to Presidential and White House Commissions, the PCMH 2.O think tank supporting the White House Summit on Healthcare to Health and is co-editing a White House Monograph initiative that brings together high level thought leaders across multiple sectors of government.