Don Navarro

Executive Chairman

Don Navarro

Mr. Navarro is a seasoned business professional who has advised and served on senior executive teams and boards of directors in a wide range of industries. He is recognized as an innovative strategic thinker and is known for his “bottom-line action-oriented leadership style who gets it done”!  Throughout his career, Mr. Navarro has worked in troubled industries helping to restore needed order from chaos.  From his years’ experience in multiple industries, he views data as an asset that is greatly underutilized to solve current challenges and predicting new challenges.  Mr. Navarro is expert at devising and implementing strategies that transforms data into actionable knowledge.  Data transformed into actionable knowledge is the essence of Digital Transformation. Mr. Navarro can provide the vision and action plans required for Digital Transformation’s commercial success. Mr. Navarro is currently concentrated in healthcare leading efforts to transfer certain business and management best practices, methodologies and technology centric solution sets from outside healthcare to healthcare.