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Join KPN as we discover innovative solutions for six of the leading challenges for ACOs during the Healthcare Insight Summit at the Ritz Carlton in Amelia, FL.


  • To use data and predictive analytics to iterate and drive a program of continuous improvement. To understand the technology and service offerings that enable this.

  • Driving payer and provider collaboration for better patient outcomes at better costs.

  • Linking quality initiatives to strategic goals.

  • An aging population less comfortable and confident with tech, a booming millennial population that expects it. How do we best serve today and compete tomorrow?

  • Privacy, security and compliance with a complex, ever-changing and often contradictory regulatory landscape.

  • Maximizing new communication and education channels: how to make the patient a better healthcare consumer.


On December 9th, 2019 another 60 executives will join us to discuss these critical issues.


To gain valuable insights on solutions for these common healthcare challenges, connect with KPN and see all that we have to offer.



KPN Health, a division of KPN, provides advisory services and application products that assist healthcare professionals and organizations in achieving improved clinical outcomes for less cost and improved financial performance through increased revenues. Let KPN convert your information at the data level to actionable knowledge. We are experts at increasing profitability and improving healthcare performance.