Today’s healthcare environment requires an intense focus on the issues of patient care transitions in order to combat high readmission rates and to meet the need for the timely exchange of information between providers across the continuum of care.

Project ACHIEVE, Achieving Patient-Centered Care and Optimized Health in Care Transitions by Evaluating the Value of Evidence, provides valuable information from patients, family caregivers and nationally recognized healthcare leaders to identify the transitional care outcomes and components that matter most to patients and caregivers.

KPN Health is proud to support Dr. Ed Bujold, MD, FAAFP, KPN Health’s Chief Physician Strategist, as he attends the ACHIEVE Annual Meeting on September 15, 2016 in Dallas, Texas.

The research and accomplishments completed by Project ACHIEVE provide KPN Health’s subject matter experts with the ability to streamline initiatives to define methods for achieving improvement in the effectiveness of the transitions of patients between health care organizations.

 KPN Health has followed suit along with several initiatives to deliver the KPN Optimize™ Transitional Care Management Module that allows our clients to meet the need for a more effective approach to continuing patient care between healthcare organizations.

 KPN Health remains invested in doing its part to ensure effective communication, patient education and accountability are established during the transitions of care for your practice and most importantly, your patients.