KPN Health Ensuring Success for PQRS Reporting

The Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) can be an intimidating concept for many healthcare professionals and practices. KPN Health is committed to helping those individuals understand and execute the PQRS reporting process.

PQRS is a Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Quality Program that requires healthcare professionals and group practices to report annual performance data on quality measures in order to strengthen healthcare for patients, according to CMS.

KPN Health is a CMS PQRS Qualified Registry dedicated to helping clients succeed in improving healthcare. KPN Health’s team of seasoned professionals helps providers save time and money when dealing with the PQRS reporting process. KPN Health not only extracts and reports data but also has clinical decision support tools that identify gaps in care using evidence-based guidelines which help drive quality performance and streamline workflow efficiency.

Participating in the PQRS program is a way to try and create better care for patients across the nation. Performance scores based on the quality measure information reported can help measure the care patients are given and also help provide patients with the proper care at the right time.

Failing to comply with PQRS requirements, or having unsuccessful reporting, results in penalties for healthcare practices. Successfully participating in PQRS reporting achieves positive outcomes and reimbursements that are well worth the effort it takes to report.

KPN Health remains dedicated to doing its part in helping practices that are committed to providing quality care for patients.

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