Article by Kim Pichanick, KPN’s CEO.

Last week I and other KPN Health professionals participated and exhibited at the 2018 Fall NAACOS conference in Washington, DC. KPN Health is proud to be a Business Partner of NAACOS.  During the week KPN Health professionals attended and participated in numerous meetings and work sessions pertaining to various topics and challenges facing healthcare today. KPN Health was able to validate that its capabilities are overcoming certain established myths about data capabilities and services relative to connectivity among multiple disparate sources and highly efficient data curation capabilities.  Many who participated in KPN Health’s demonstrations during the week were quoted as saying “KPN Health’s capabilities were far more advanced and unprecedented to anything they know exist in the industry” relative to data services and application products delivered together.

KPN Health continues to build upon its emerging leadership role as a malleable nimble “Trusted Advisor” to its clients that utilizes its proprietary application products to meet the challenges and needs of its clients. And where appropriate or required bundles/couples its high-quality data services with its proprietary application products and advisory services along with other products to deliver customized solutions that meet the needs and challenges of its clients.