Kim Pichanick

Article by Kim Pichanick, Chief Executive Officer

This week, KPN Health sponsored the 2018 5th Annual World Congress ACO Strategy Track conference. The event provided valuable insights from top executives from the healthcare industry about approaches to care coordination and delivery that result in a higher quality of care and cost savings for ACOs. During the conference discussions, a predominant theme was data.

In the new era of Value Based Care, healthcare organizations will be required to use data (information) converted to actionable knowledge to accurately and efficiently analyze, measure and manage performance and risk. Great strides have been made in data services, application products and advisory services in the Accountable Care Organization (ACO) sector that are transferable to hospital systems and physician networks. These products and services center around connecting disparate EHRs and Practice Management Systems and curating the aggregated data to high levels of accuracy. These products, services and techniques serve to convert data (information) to actionable knowledge for use by providers and administrators in the delivery of high quality care for lower cost.