The healthcare industry is dynamic.  With ever-changing CMS and Commercial and MA Plans, it is crucial to know the best solutions!

Enjoy this brief visual presentation from KPN Advisors (KPN) on how it delivers its Solution Sets to improve quality and financial – revenue performance.


Value-Based Care

The objective of value-based care is to incentivize physicians and hospitals to deliver better patient outcomes by emphasizing preventive wellness services that deliver higher quality care with greater returns.  Using business best practices, KPNimplements and manages the delivery of improved health outcomes at a lower cost at the patient point of care/encounter.

KPN provides a full range of strategic business and technical advisory services to an ACO’s integrated network.


Transforming Data/Information to Actionable Knowledge

KPN monetizes the accuracy of data through proprietary extraction data processes.  Then, we convert your data to actionable levels that become information and, with use becomes knowledge.

Our state-of-the-art integrated platform, KPN Optimize®, a Platform as a Service (PaaS) is hosted and delivered in a Cloud environment with capabilities that enable a wide range of cloud-based enterprise applications. This Platform is the first of its kind to tie performance metrics with recommended action at the patient point of care/encounter.

KPN Optimize®



What steps can you take?

KPN serves as “Trusted Advisors” to healthcare organizations and professionals and incorporates proprietary IT-based solutions to help Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) identify, measure and manage cost and risk for improved quality and financial – revenue performance.KPN is driven to become the most respected and valued provider of information, technology, products and solutions in the healthcare industry. KPN has achieved what was recently thought not possible by healthcare administrators and professionals. Knowledge. Performance. Now

Through its high-quality advisory services and its data mining and application product solutions, KPN is on the leading edge of providing services to current hospital and physician-led networks and ACOs and is positioned to scale to the growth that is realistically anticipated in these areas.

KPNs target focus is on ACO markets. KPN is an expert at combining its data capabilities, application-based solutions and advisory services for the delivery of high-quality care for a lower cost. KPN has achieved what was recently thought not possible by healthcare administrators and professionals.

The key in today’s healthcare trending to Digital Transformation is KPN’s expert ability to access, store, process and aggregate data – to information – to intelligence – for actionable use. KPNsservices and proprietary techniques, convert data (information) to actionable knowledge for providers and administrators’ use in delivering high-quality care for lower cost and increased revenue and financial performance.

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