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KPN Management Partners (KPNMP) and KPN Health (KPN Health) collectively (KPN) are about the ‘Business of Healthcare’. KPN’s foundational premise is applying cross-industry best practices adapted to healthcare, along with state of the art technology solutions to solve healthcare challenges. KPN's services and solutions sets produce holistic views of key elements and factors required for complex reporting and realization of projected financial outcomes.

KPNMP professionals are adept at transferring and incorporating cross-industry best practice methodologies to healthcare. KPNMP markets its wide-range of cross-industry strategic business and operational services to stakeholders, executives, professionals and managers where KPNMP’s value-to-cost benefits can be evaluated and acted upon. KPNMP’s services include coaching, management services, corporate non-judicial and judicial restructuring, and negotiation/transactional strategies. KPNMP understands the current and evolving information, services and solution sets that are required to achieve projected outcomes in today’ healthcare environment. KPNMP is in tune with the Affordable Care Act and the evolving changes occurring in healthcare today. KPNMP professionals are progressive thinkers who can create, protect and transform business value today so clients can thrive tomorrow.

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