KPN Health, Inc. is a healthcare service provider and advisor that provides professional services and proprietary software products and Solution Sets to clients and customers in the Healthcare industry.  KPN Health works in close alignment with Healthcare advisory firms who provide a full range of services to a wide spectrum of Healthcare institutions that includes physician users, clinically integrated networks and hospital systems.  

“KPN’s strategic approach seamlessly integrates best in class cross industry insights to address, prevent and solve problems while improving organizational performance.”

dennis robbins Dennis A. Robbins Ph.D., MPH, KPN’s National Health Policy Advisor

“We have been partnering with KPN for many years to offer our 1400 plus providers a means of comprehensive data at the point of care service from multiple EMRs and data sources. This has decreased cost, increased shared decision making and increased efficiency in workflows for our practices. KPN’s advisory and Solution Sets help us be successful as an ACO and with our risk-based contracts.”

Director, Quality Performance and Clinical Informatics, Triad Healthcare Network

“Based upon my years of experience working with Don Navarro I have found him to be diligent, focused, innovative, intelligent with a savvy (no nonsense) approach. He is solution oriented (yet drives a hard bargain) and is very knowledgeable about handling bankruptcy and business restructuring matters based upon his time as a U.S. Trustee (Dept. of Justice); and his many years involved in high profile cases.”

gilles_herbertHerbert J. Gilles, Senior Counsel, Clark Hill/Strasburger

“KPN is a member of the prestigious North Texas Healthcare Think Tank which consists of respected community leaders who do business in the healthcare industry.  We are proud to have them involved as they bring depth through their contribution to our programs, which is greatly appreciated.”

linda-elliottLinda Elliott, Founder of Healthcare Think Tank: San Antonio ~ Austin ~ Houston ~ North Texas

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