About KPN Health

In 2014, KPN Health acquired certain capabilities and technologies under a purchase agreement from the original inventor and began enhancing and developing KPN Optimize® Platform, SaaS, (Software as a Service) to meet ever changing healthcare industry requirements.

Originally, KPN Health delivered a basic form of its Point of Care Report utilizing data extracted and aggregated by third party-data “specialists” engaged by KPN Health’s clients. KPN Health’s Point of Care Report is unique in the industry for its continuous validation process. As a result of this process, KPN Health soon identified significant deficiencies in these third-party data specialists’ methodologies and performance.

For this reason, KPN Health began extracting, standardizing and aggregating data for its clients to meet the extremely high data quality standards demanded by KPN Health’s clients. With high quality data provided by KPN Health, we began expanding our offerings with valuable input and user requirements provided by KPN Health’s clients. 

We are experts at extracting, via standard HL7/FHIR and SQL formats, the essential clinical and claims data to amplify actionable information at the point of encounter; at the point of care every day for every patient visit through the use of current and emerging technologies including APIs and Machine Learning platforms.

Beginning in 2015, KPN Health released its Quality Performance Dashboards. In 2016, the Transitions of Care module was released and in 2017, the Population Health Module was released. All solutions are released within the KPN Optimize® Platform. Throughout its history, KPN Health has been and continues as a Qualified Clinical Data Repository and is certified to report to CMS.

KPN Health performs updates to its Solution Sets as required to support changing CMS and NCQA standards, and as needed for its clients to meet their respective initiatives and objectives. KPN Health is committed to future enhancement and delivery of new Solution Sets that improve the clinical and financial performance of its clients.

The KPN Health business model is to create a high-quality master patient record and provide high quality analytics and insights on that data. This data with these analytics and insights is then delivered wherever needed in an Organization. KPN Health’s model promotes inclusion of innovative solutions from multiple industries integrated into healthcare. KPN Health’s clients recognize and rely on high-quality data  as the foundation for achieving their overall objectives. KPN Health provides Solution Sets and expertise to its clients along with new innovations from healthcare and other industries occurring in the dynamically changing post COVID-19 business environment. 

KPN Health | Transforming Healthcare Data Into Actionable Knowledge